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Welcome to Pm Trays Traction

PM Trays Traction is an independent Greek company which specializes in the production of a full line of forklift and traction trays, suitable for the most demanding applications.

PM Trays Traction was founded in year 2000, as a result of more than 20 years of experience in mechanical engineering of its founder Mr. Kiriakos Papadopoulos and it has been growing stronger and healthier ever since.

Its vertical integration of production results in an average build time of just three days. This approach has allowed PM Trays Traction to reduce operating and inventory overhead, and the ability to offer greater production flexibility and extremely competitive pricing to customers throughout Europe and the Middle East.

PM Trays Traction can supply a full range of both DIN standard and custom designed inox and plastic coated steel  trays. We would be glad to give you an offer based on your needs. Feel free to submit our Request an Offer form.

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